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“Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and participate well in the activities provided.”

“Behaviour is good in lessons and around the school.”

“The behaviour of children is good…pupils show a keen interest in their learning. Their positive attitudes to learning and their good behaviour contribute well to their progress.”


Ofsted April 2014

Our children enjoy learning, work hard and behave well. As a school we work very hard to raise children’s self-esteem to nurture confident, positive and successful children. To be successful, children need to know what is expected of them. To make expectations clear to all children, school uses the ‘Good to Be Green‘ scheme.

All classes use the six golden rules and in the autumn term, we ask each child to sign a class charter which is their personal commitment to positive behaviour. There is a balance between the use of rewards and sanctions. Praise is used to motivate and encourage pupils. At the same time, pupils are aware of sanctions that will be applied for poor behaviour. Positive recognition and reinforcement brings about continued positive behaviour. There is a strong sense of community and all adults and children in school regularly celebrate pupils’ successes. Each pupil learns to manage and improve their behaviour through having time to look carefully at their actions and behaviour and by seeing positive behaviour choices modelled around them by other children. Because the approach used in the behaviour scheme is very consistent, children are able to use each experience to learn that they can make different choices when they are next faced with a challenging situation.

We are very proud of the efforts all our children make to ‘be green’ and the success they achieve.


To view the rewards and sanctions used as part of the schools behaviour policy please click on the link below.